Jym Marks, Enterprises public speaker, publisher, poet, and author


After finishing his two year tour of duty, he left the Army, and enrolled in Drumland School of Art in San Francisco where he studied percussions. Having completed his studies at Drumland, Jym decided to pursue a secondary career as a professional drummer while continuing his primary career as a civil servant. As an active jazz drummer, Jym has played with Pony Poindexter and George Duke as well as sat in with James Moody and Dexter Gordon. Jym is currently featured in The Jym Marks Quartet, a local jazz ensemble popular in the Bay Area.

Jym continued his formal education at Foothill College. He later transferred to San Jose State University majoring in Music and Sociology. In 1973, he added another dimension to his career, becoming a newspaper columnist. His weekly column Stay In My Corner was a welcome addition to the Ravenwoods Post in East Palo Alto, California. He also received his license in broadcasting from the college of San Mateo and had his own radio show for KRVE-FM (currently known as KATO-FM) in Los Gatos, California.

Jym wrote and published his first book of poetry entitled Vibrations in Sanctuary in 1970. Since then, he has written and published other books of poetry: Jazz, Women and Soul (1974), I Am What I Am (1977), Inquire From Within (1982), Changing Lanes (1989), Beneath Our Wings (1990), Bring Us A Dream (1992), Bare Passion (1993), Flashback (1999) and Authentic Imaginations (2004). He also has composed four CDs of music and The Spoken Word.

His self help book "Seeing What You're Looking At", "Looking Beyond What You See," and "Wrap this Around Your Head" are available now.

Jym Marks is not only a writer and lecturer; he is the owner of MARKSTYLE ENTERPRISE, a Barber Salon, located in Menlo Park, California. Operating since 1968, MARKSTYLE has proven to be a major source of Jym’s wit and wisdom.

In 1992, Jym began to share his message of personal empowerment with others. He now gives motivational speeches, lectures at high schools and colleges, and participates in workshops throughout the country. Jym has also formed a monthly open mic poetry workshop for youth in the area. His ultimate goal is to share his enthusiasm for education, inspire others to recognize excellence from within, and translate life’s lessons into opportunities for personal growth and empowerment.