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Jym Marks
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authentic imaginations wrap this around your head can't hold my tongue in captivity

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"We do have Today"

As a public speaker, jazz drummer, writer, and poet, Jym Marks personifies the principles of personal empowerment and delivers a stirring message in his lecture series: “Seeing What You’re Looking At”. A long time resident of the Bay Area, father of four, and Army veteran, Jym offers a poetic view of life and the lessons it teaches us. His own life experiences include service in the United States Army where he overcame a reading deficit. As a result of his efforts, he discovered a love for reading and became an avid reader. In addition, Jym developed a keen interest in music. Read more.

Jym has written and published several books including:
Vibrations in Sanctuary (1970) Seeing What You're Looking At (2002)
Jazz, Women and Soul (1974) Looking Beyond What You See (2003)
I Am What I Am (1977) Wrap This Around Your Head (2010)
Inquire from Within (1982)  
Flashback (1998)  
Changing Lanes (1989)  
Beneath our Wings (1990)  
Bring Us A Dream (1992)  
Bare Passion (1993)  
Authentic Imaginations (2003)  
Can't Hold my Tongue in Captivity (2011)  

Jym also composed CD's of music and poetry:

Touching Your Feelings (1973)
Authentic Imaginations (2003)
Jazz is Ourselves (2008)

Jym Marks has spoken at the following institutions and affairs:

Black Women in County Government
   Redwood City, CA
Menlo College
     Menlo Park, CA
Saint John Missionary Baptist Church
     Palo Alto, CA
California Museaum of African-American History & Culture
     Los Angeles, CA
Young Men's Institute Cultural Center
     Asheville, NC
National Hook-Up of Black Women
     Chicago, IL
Crow Culture for Psychotherapist-College of Notre Dame
     Belmont, CA
V.A. Medical Center
     Palo Alto, CA/Menlo Park, CA
V.A Medical Center
     Richmond, VA
De Anza College
     Cupertino, CA
California State University-Hayward
     Hayward, CA
Department of the Navy
     Moffet Federal Airfield, CA
East Palo Alto Library
     E. Palo Alto, CA
Henry M. Gunn High school
     Palo Alto, CA
Osetta Harris Community Center
     Menlo Park, CA
Multi-Cultural Fashion Show Extravaganza
     Menlo Park, CA

Mission College
     Santa Clara

Recent Poetry readings:

Caffe Greco, 423 Columbus ave. San Francisco 11/7, 2011
North Beach Art exhibition. 1314 Grant, North Beach S.F 2012
North Beach ArtWalk October 24-25 2009
16 Annual Petaluma Poetry Walk Sept. 18 2011